All I can say is, as a white Catholic Christian, once my eyes were opened to the idea that Jesus was most likely, probably, absolutely not white because of where He was born, grew up and lived as a Jew---I started putting pictures of Black Jesus all over my house and even on a mural on our garage to try to spread the idea of how we were all taught the same lie. And if you really believe in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, it should not make any difference what color He was while He was here on earth for the purpose of teaching us all how to love God and one another as the brothers and sisters we all are. Can you even imagine passing up the opportunity to enter Heaven because you suddenly were made aware that Jesus and the apostles were dark-skinned, like everyone else in the region? Are you really going to turn your back and say, "No thanks"? That, my friends, would make you the ultimate racist fool.


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