Every time I read an article about the past history of using Black babies as alligator bait, I am disgusted and repulsed by the horror of it! It is hard to imagine any human being treating another human being with such cruelty. Where was their Christian conscience? How could they rationalize their actions? Lynching Black people (even babies) for sport or convenience makes anyone who could do such a thing a terrorist of the highest degree. And the White people who stood by cheering or laughing or even passively watching these atrocities are no better then the ones who committed them. Much of our White American history is an abomination and yet the history books do not reveal the whole truth. How can they? A cover-up is necessary to hide the secrets even historians know are to horrible to mention. It is our original sin---our national shame and in many ways our shame continues today because Black lives don't seem to matter in America, even in 2021. God bless the truth tellers who lay bare our real history so the those who are change makers can address the problem. It is US, White people. Wake up!


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