I have always loved God's original Plan for One Human Family. One Human Race, created in His own image and likeness. One Beloved Community. White people really messed up His Plan and it is up to us to fix it. I agree with your essay 100%. And I love Colin Kaepernick. His Netflix autobiography was on point. I always have been behind his kneeling in solidarity with all people of color who are still treated as 'less than.' He is a hero in my opinion, because he has sacrificed what he loved the most---playing football as a quarterback---to take a stand for Black and brown lives. I hope some coach out there will give him a chance to play again. And I pray that white people will wake up and see what has been going on in America since 1619---and take steps to dismantle the racist system that we as a people constructed and have maintained to keep White Privilege in place for all these many sad and tragic years of our American history. Such a shame that we always put our own interests and well-being above those of all people of color who already lived in our country, or came to America, either by choice or by force. God forgive us and instill in us a desire to right the wrongs we have committed against our brothers and sisters that we have treated so badly because of our irrational fear and xenophobia.


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