I wondered why no one stepped up to help George Floyd too. I cannot imagine myself not trying to stop the clearly intentional murder of a Black man by a cop. I would have been screaming at them to stop trying to kill him. If that didn't work I would have tried to pull the cop off of Floyd. What would they have done to me , a 70 year old white woman? How many videos did the bystanders need to take to prove Floyd was being murdered? The story could have taken a whole different turn, if someone had just stood up to the cops who did nothing to stop the rogue cop who killed him, by kneeling on his neck for nine minutes. Nine minutes of torture that did not have to end in death, if someone would have just intervened in a real and forceful way to defend the life that was being taken by a madman. That's being pro-life, my friends. If you would want someone to do it for you, you should probably do it for them as well. We are all brothers and sisters in one human family. And there is no greater love than giving up your own life, if necessary, to save the life of another fellow human being. #BlackLivesMatter


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