Karen Hernandez
1 min readAug 25, 2023


Re: DJT's criminal mug shot.

1. He may be having a stare down with the person taking his picture. Like a 13 year old bully.

2. He may not realize that the camera is actually capturing his resting "Get Retribution" face.

3. He may be still be thinking about how President Obama made him feel dumb at the Correspondent's Dinner so many years ago.

4. He may be feeling angry that he is missing a golf game with Lindsay.

5. He may just be waiting for someone to tell him to "Smile for the camera!"

6. He may be unhappy that once again, Melania did not accompany him to show her support at his most recent arrest for MORE felony charges.

7. He may be mad that he just remembered that he forgot to trim his wayward eyebrows that morning.

8. He may still not be happy that his order of KFC that he ate on his plane trip to Georgia that day was original instead of crispy. Or his Diet Coke was flat.

9. He might just be constipated.

10. He might just be trying to give us all the "willies." Or to give us all the "business", like Eddie Haskell used to say.