This was the longest piece of reading I have ever read on Medium. When I saw how long it would take me to read it, I said, "Nah." But a voice inside told me to give it a chance, and once I started reading REAL American History-(which I am always promoting)-I could not stop till I read all the way to the end. I invite---no---I dare---any person who claims to be a lover of World History---Black History---American History--- to take the time it will take to read this piece by William Spivey and feel the wonderment of reading that which has been "very carefully NOT TAUGHT" in our schools, because what WAS taught all started with the first BIG LIE ever told---that Columbus discovered America. You can apparently make stuff up and make impressionable young children and non-thinking adults believe alternative facts that make White people seem like they are "better than." And White historians certainly can shut the truth down if it means protecting the rights of rich White people who always like to think of themselves as patriots., who know what is best for the rest of us---especially the ones they are trying to keep from voting right now. White historians also appeal to the sensibilities of those White people who want to hang onto their White Privilege---no matter what the cost to our flailing, failing attempts to continue to call ourselves a democracy---despite the mounting evidence that Jim Crow STILL has a foothold across our nation. (January 6th. 2021 was our awakening.) Ol' Jim just has a new face--- and followers some like to call---for lack of a better name---Trumpublicans. Some of them even believed that an insurrection at our Capitol was a good idea---some of them in Congress still believe it!!! Or say they do for fear of DJT.

God save us from our own denial of the truth about America. No one is truly free until all of us are free--- free to learn the TRUTH about all the historic FACTS we were never told. Read. The. Facts.


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