"Why do we kill people for killing people to show that killing people is wrong?" I had a poster once that had that saying on it.

Either we value ALL life or we don't REALLY value all life, which is what being Pro-Life really means. It means valuing all life from conception to natural death. Which would mean that both abortion and assisted suicide are wrong. And allowing other children of God of all ages and from all nations of the world to starve to death is wrong. And all war is wrong. And the death penalty for crimes against humanity is wrong.

Maybe we should spend less time judging criminals worthy of execution for committing horrible atrocities (and imprison them to protect future loss of innocent lives.) Give them time to repent.

Maybe we should spend more time taking actions that respect life: by feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, clothing the naked, treating the physically sick and mentally ill, treating the victims of all addictions, providing clean water in Flint, Michigan and all across the world, sharing our now FDA approved, still unused vaccines against COVID with countries where people actually want them and need them, and wear a mask in public to protect each other from dying from the killer variant pandemic, that right now goes by the name of DELTA. ( Until the next, as yet un-named, mutation rears its ugly head causing more preventable death as it takes our breath away.)

And if we don't take steps NOW to protect our environment from global warming we will be the ultimate victims of our own apathy and denial of the firestorm and deluge and destruction we see happening all around us and affecting the rest of the world as well. Let's do it for our children and grandchildren.

God, help us to love one another unconditionally, as you love us. Jesus, help us to be Peacemakers, by doing what you would do in each situation that arises in our lives. Holy Spirit, help us to recognize our common humanity and celebrate our diversity so that we can learn to live together in peace as One Human Family.